"This is a must for anyone who would like to have a happy pet that you can control. - D.J., Cottonwood, AZ

Sampson has learned the basics. I’m very happy with Academy Four Paws. - S.M., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl understands the needs of specific breeds. - C.S., Cottonwood, AZ

Bentley thrives on coming to class. - K.S., Cottonwood, AZ

Best instructor I have ever worked with; dogs always improve. - G.R., Cottonwood, AZ

This was very fun! I learned first hand the importance of being able to train the people as well as the dogs. - K.T., Cottonwood, AZ

Anyone who owns a dog should go through this training. - S.H., Cottonwood, AZ

Very humane training. I really love the techniques. - T.H., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl will remain an advisor with me and my dog always. - C.P., Cottonwood, AZ

Awesome fun! Awesome results! Cheryl is awesome. – C.J., Cottonwood, AZ

This program was well organized, disciplined, and fun for both dogs and owners. I highly recommend the course. - R.T., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl is a dedicated and effective trainer for people as well as their dogs. - J.S., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl knows her business. It is a joy to have a dog that will behave when I have people in my home. - B.B., Cottonwood, AZ

The results were more than expected. Cheryl was fantastic in building my confidence and Maggie’s. - S.C., Sedona, AZ

Cheryl is helpful with any questions you have, from correct collars and leashes to correcting your dog. Cheryl remembers each dog’s good and bad traits. She is great with animals they respect and like her. - B.K., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl is informative, gets results, and tells it like it is. - C.D., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl was willing to provide me with any information regarding my dog and training. - A.S., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl has the ability to understand dogs and their motivation so that she could effectively correct each one individually. She is extremely talented in this field. - W.H., Cottonwood, AZ

Cheryl is a wealth of information. - D.C., Cornville, AZ


Without Academy Four Paws my dog would have been put down. - P.L. of Sedona, Az.


Amazing! What a different dog and in just one session. - K. B. of Sedona, AZ.


Thank you for introducing us to the Dogtra ecollar. Maggie is a much happier dog now. S. A. of Sedona, AZ.