Chester the Wonder Dog,
student extraordinaire.

Who is a Dog Trainer?

A dog trainer is someone who can visualize the desired results long before they are reached.

A dog trainer is a unique individual who has the ability to take the inexperienced and form a working relationship between a dog and its owner.

A dog trainer loves to reveal the uniqueness of the dog and the capabilities of its owner.

A dog trainer loves to repair and settle complex behavior.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to encourage growth for both owner and dog in an acceptable fashion, blending modern training technology with past art forms so as to create a companionship that could not be otherwise obtained."

- Chester, the Wonder Dog.

(Just kidding. Actually, these are Cheryl's words.)

A Dog Trainer's Job:

A dog trainer's job is to is create communication with honesty, forming a relationship of understanding that is visible and durable.


The Unmatched, Uncompromising, Iron-Clad Guarantee

Academy Four Paws

“Whatever it takes for the life of your dog”

“When you and your dog enroll in my obedience classes, I make a lifetime commitment to your desire that your dog becomes an enjoyable pet. Within the confines of private indoor lessons or class a class setting, I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to achieve this and it will never cost you another cent.” - Cheryl Miller.

That’s the guarantee. It is simple, straightforward and I mean it.
My reputation depends on your success with your dog.

There are some things I would like you to do to make this guarantee work.

  • Should you encounter problems with your dog while you are training, telephone me. We will discuss the problem and I will advise you.

  • Should you miss an appointment or a class, telephone me to schedule a make-up session.

  • Should you find it necessary to drop out of training for any reason, you can, at any time, re-enroll. All it takes is a telephone call.

  • You may repeat basic training with your dog as many times as you wish.

  • You may bring your dog back for refresher training whenever you wish.

  • Should another family member wish to bring the dog, there will be no charge.

  • This is not the limit to my guarantee. If these things do not get the job done, we will improvise. When I say that I am committed to you owning a wonderful pet, I mean it and will stand by it.

  • I ask you to be as committed to your goal as I am. Picture in your mind the dog you want. Keep that picture in your mind and work to make that vision a reality every day. Ask for any help you need. Most importantly, stay the course until the dream is fulfilled.

Expert Training by IACP Professional & AKC Evaluator


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