Here are some articles written to give you insights and guidance

Canine Common Courtesy

Some straight talk about training and behavior to help gain the privileges of access and freedom for you and your dog


It is important not to attribute human motives and rationale to your pet

Grapes and Raisins - Toxic to Dogs

An important warning to keep your dog safe

"It's OK Is Not OK!"

Your words of reassurance might be misunderstood by your dog


How to defuse this attention-grabbing gambit

Prepare for Success

Guidance on attitude, visualization, affirmation and pace





Here are some links to websites and web documents that we recommend for use by dog owners: to explore, just click on the links below.

Dog training, dog obedience training, dogs, behavior, and more!

Dog Bite Law

Non-commercial website focused on legal aspects

American Dog Owners Association

To promote, protect and defend responsible dog ownership

The official website of the International Association of Canine Professionals, for those dedicated to the well-being of dogs


The North American Flyball Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded to administer the the sport of Flyball racing in North America.


The United States Dog Agility Association, Inc.,  the world's largest independent authority for the sport of dog agility


The North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) was formed in 1993 to provide North American dogs and their handlers with a fast, safe and enjoyable form of the sport of dog agility

American Kennel Club

Mother of all purebreed clubs -  you will find lots of information on any breed of your choice

Perfect place to get dog harness, dog collar, dog leash, dog muzzle and other great products - Trusted Direct Source

DogStar's DogBiz Blog

Blog maintained by dog enthusiast and professional, Eric, aka DogStar.  A miscellaneous trove of  dog-related treasures.

Dog training products from Triple Crown


Electronic training products, including e-collars

Max 200

Obedience and agility equipment


Products for pet care professionals at wholesale prices

The Dog's Outfitter

Products for the pet professional

J and J Dog Supplies

Obedience, agility and flyball training equipment

K9 Training Equipment

K9 Training specializes in custom handcrafted dog gear equipment for the canine enthusiast

Sit Means Sit

Las Vegas and San Diego based e-collar training school

Acme Machine Company

Professional dog training and competition equipment

Canine Training Systems

Innovative dog training videos

Kong Company

Dog toys



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