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Sage Time Attraction and owner Cheryl Miller

A rescued American Staffordshire Terrier, Sage, has been accepted by Dogs of Distinction. Sage is the most titled American Staffordshire Terrier in competitive sports in the United States (Obedience, Agility, Rally, Flyball and Schutzhund). On August 1, 2006 Sage was awarded a 2005 First & Foremost by Front & Finish as being among the highest scoring dogs of its breed in the nation. Sage has completed her AKC-CD, CDX, OA, NAJ, NA and RN. ASC-CD,CDX. NAFA-FD, FDX and FDCh. Schutzhund BH. Presently doing Utility and tracking, she has legs toward her AKC-Agility Excellence title


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Desert Flash Wendy  

A rescued Brittany Spaniel owned by Cheryl Miller, Wendy received a First & Foremost Honorable Mention by Front & Finish for qualifying among the highest scoring Brittanys in AKC competition in 2005.

Wendy has completed her AKC-CD, CDX, NA, NAJ and OA. ASC-CD, CDX. USDAA-PD-1.

She has legs toward her AKC-Agility Excellence title.


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